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How can skinterest help? Skinterest has helped some of the most innovative cosmetics and personal care brands with solutions to their technical needs including formulation, development, and testing.


I’m so excited to approve this formula. I think you’ve done a BRILLIANT job – so impressed!


Australian game-changing sunscreen brand

Working with you was a fantastic opportunity and a massive part of where we are now. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Cosmetic Scientist & Creator

Evidence-based skincare brand

Thank you Saul for your wonderful help with our formulations and brand, we love working with you

CEO & Founder

Australian top-selling international brand

Saul is detail-orientated, thorough, fast, committed and cares. A true expert in his field. I couldn’t have done it without him, skinterest really paved the way for me during the early stages of the business


Intimate wellness brand

Saul is absolute gun at what he does. He is a pleasure to work with and the georgiemane brand wouldn’t be where it is today without Saul and his expertise

George Papura

Founder & chief visionary, georgiemane

skinterest makes impeccable formulations which we often approve on the first or second round. We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else to develop our high-end, effective formulations

Managing Director

Australia’s most ethical beauty brand

I’ve worked with skinterest for 2+ years on cosmetic formulation development. Saul is wonderful and has a huge amount of knowledge which paired with his vast experience in the industry means he can work effectively on challenging projects and provide solutions to complex problems. Saul is professional in all aspects and an pleasure to work with

Senior Formulation Chemist

Australian skincare brand with multiple items on MECCA’s best seller list

Saul has made developing a sunscreen from scratch an amazing experience; nothing is ever too hard or complicated for him.

Saul is extremely kind, generous with his time, professional and has a great work ethic. I will only formulate from scratch with skinterest; as it seems no one else can do the job like skinterest can!

Olivia Sepel

Founder, Oliva Rae

We are delighted to have worked with skinterest. They helped to develop great products for us.

I really appreciate their dedication and creative approach to turn a simple concept on paper to brilliant product on shelf.

Thank you!

Cosmetic Scientist

Well-known skincare brand with national and international footprints

Saul has become integral to the team and his ethos aligns closely with our company values. Skinterest products are always on point to the development brief in terms of timing and pricing and the products created are always innovative, unique and beautiful.
The communication is consistent throughout the whole project, and you are never in the dark about the progress of things. Radio silence is never a good feeling and Saul always responds in a timely manner. Dealing with Saul and the skinterest team is always a pleasure

Quality Assurance

contract manufacturer



Skinterest was contracted by a startup hair care brand to create a naturally inspired, silicone-free, conditioning hair mask as hero product to actuate the brand. Skinterest worked closely with their team to develop a formulation that was quickly approved following small sample size testing, which indicated a 95% likelihood of purchase.

Following this, skinterest prepared 240 x 20g samples for use in additional client-led market research and engaged skinterest to initiate both preservative efficacy testing (PET) and stability testing. The PET was completed and passed flawlessly (BP – Pass A).

skinterest then provided the client with product information documents, formulation, proposed manufacturing process, proposed product specification, label ingredient lists and support for creating safety data sheets (SDS), EU product information file (PIF) and safety assessments in addition to sourcing suitable contract manufacturers to manufacture and fill.

Within 24 months of initial contact, skinterest was commissioned to begin development on a further nine products to support the hero launch project and work with this brand remains ongoing.


Skinterest was contracted by an existing Australian-owned, internationally distributed skincare brand that was seeking to move their development and manufacturing from New Zealand to Australia.

To complete the project, skinterest Technical Director Saul, was issued the title of Technical Manager with New Product Development responsibilities he worked closely with the Sydney and New Zealand offices, including the brand directors and logistics and marketing teams to help transfer products to Australian contract manufacturers.

Saul also provided technical support for the development of sunscreens, including issuing staff training, developed new products, attended laboratory and pilot scale trials and batch supervision responsibilities as well as general technical advice.

Skinterest also provided technical support to the newly established Australian team and leased the Sydney laboratory testing equipment, ensuring the brand could operate at capacity, whilst waiting for equipment deliveries. skinterest also proactively purchased quantitative testing equipment that would allow available water testing to be undertaken without the excessive lead time of third-party contract laboratories.


Skinterest was engaged by an Australian formulating and contract manufacturing organisation that was experiencing problems with a range of existing products they had developed in-house and successfully sold across Asia.

The formulation was selling well in the Asian market, however following an increasing number of customer complaints it was found the formulations were unstable. Skinterest undertook a review of the existing formulation and process to identify the root cause by performing physical assessments and stress tests, developing a qualitative test method for identifying batches that were unstable. This test method was then used to assess laboratory scale batches that were prepared with formulation and process modifications. Test results were then used to determine what changes would be required to correct the stability issue, without sacrificing the existing consumer acceptability or commercial sales.

Over four years later, skinterest continues to work alongside the organisation, performing formulation robustness analysis (FRA) on newly developed formulations and both technical and physical support to their in-house formulator, as well as actively developing new formulations.


skinterest was contacted by an Australian contract manufacturer regarding providing ongoing consulting chemist services.

As part of this agreement, skinterest reviews customers new product briefs, drafts formulations using stocked ingredients for preparation and further development by employed R&D assistants and provides hands-on experimentation and support.

In addition to development services, skinterest resolved quality-related issues related to existing products, identifying potential root cause/s and proposing corrective actions and resolving quality-related formulation issues that require rework.

Saul utilised his comprehensive understanding of R&D systems and program knowledge to create a series of programs that facilitated and semi-automated documentation processes, including the preparation of sample information forms with integrated web links, label ingredients lists, regulatory formula composition, formulation costing and COSMOS compliance checking. Saul also wrote detailed R&D procedures to clearly outline the R&D process for the benefit of laboratory staff and performed staff training.

skinterest continue to provide 1-2 days per week consulting services to this organisation over four and a half years following the initial contact.


In 2020, skinterest was invited to collaborate with an Australian contract manufacturer and a global biotech organisation to undertake method development and validation of a new microbiological testing technology application for skincare and cosmetics. The technology was targeted at replacing traditional ‘plate testing’ methods used for the enumeration and detection of microbes including bacteria, yeasts and moulds, reducing consumables and increasing turnaround times for results.

In addition to providing technical support and expertise to the contract manufacturer, the skinterest laboratories hosted the collaboration with an array of biological testing equipment housed at the Lilyfield laboratory for the duration of the method development and validation.

Following the successful validation, the contract manufacturer successfully commissioned the technology in their facility the following year.


Developed three natural, flavoured and coloured children’s toothpastes for an Australian baby brand, including creating the formulations and performing stability and compatibility testing in addition to water activity testing to justify preservative-free claims. Following a tendering process with two local manufacturers there was a $0.4/unit variation in pricing, across a 30,000 units order, this delivered a $36,000 saving across the three variants on the first pipeline fill order alone, these savings quickly covered product development costs.


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