About Us

Welcome to skinterest, where our sole interest lies in your skin and hair care products, a place where our clients skin and hair care ideas can come to life.

Our clients think of us as their private, full featured, research and development laboratory, providing solutions to all their technical needs so they can focus on what they do best, selling products! If you’re looking to create a great new skincare product, improve an existing one, assess the safety and stability of a product, or looking for an opinion or advice on anything related to skin or hair care we’re here to help!

skinterest was founded in 2018 by Saul Pyle, who had been a research, development and quality manager with over 15 years of experience working in the personal care, cosmetics,  sun protection and pharmaceutical industries; Having worked with an array of different organisations, he discovered an opportunity to establish a laboratory, featuring state of the art equipment, dedicated to creating great products for brands, without the distractions that go with operating within a manufacturing environment.

Saul has a degree in chemistry and diplomas in safety science and formulation science and is constantly looking for ways to improve the way in which skinterest operates and improving the customer experience.

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