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If you’re looking to create beautiful skin or hair care products, improve or replicate an existing product, assess the safety and stability of your products, or seeking an opinion or advice on anything related to skin or hair care skinterest can help.


Generally, clients complete a detailed briefing form which helps articulate your needs, wants and ideas (we also provide an NDA) and then we discuss your idea, ensuring the team understand your needs, and from there, skinterest can care of everything, from sourcing suppliers for all materials and experimenting with ideas in the laboratory before submitting samples, product information and ingredient lists for evaluation. Following evaluation and feedback, skinterest modifies and optimises the formulation until it is finalised. Skinterest will then provide full formulation and proposed manufacturing process.



Skinterest services extend beyond formulation and development to product testing. The team can perform rapid product stability evaluations in addition to traditional stability and compatibility testing to determine product shelf-life and can provide support for product safety testing and claim substantiation.

Learn more about the skinterest project method and formulation process below.

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